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K-38 Beach Mex Cantina

named after a famous cluster of excellent surf breaks located at Kilometer 38 of the Baja Highway 1, in Baja California, Mexico

Our story

Anthony and Missy Games first met twelve years ago while working at the same restaurant. Over that span, including a marriage and two children later (Gunnar and Bodhi), they traveled the country and Mexico helping open up and managing restaurants. Anthony's focus was on bar operations, while Missy's was managerial operations. After being owners/operators of their own restaurant with their former company, they felt it was time to branch out and create their vision of a family-friendly and community driven restaurant, with an emphasis on a lively atmosphere and enlightened hospitality.

Anthony and Missy formed Games Group Hospitality in 2021. Their first endeavor will be K-38 Beach Mex Cantina. K-38 B.M.C. was inspired by childhood memories of fishing and surf trips to Baja California, Mexico with their families. They hope to capture the magic of the Baja California culture and cuisine as they experienced it through the years and share it through their own interpretation. At K-38 Beach Mex Cantina, every day is a fiesta.